Discover Science Center is currently accepting program applications from Makers wishing to offer Maker Courses and Workshops primarily for students 6-14 years old at Discover Science Center in Roswell (2500 Old Alabama Rd, Suite 5). We are an informal science/STEAM education center offering a variety of science-related courses, and we are interested in expanding more into programs that integrate technology, engineering and math skills into art and creative projects (which is really why we love the Maker Movement).  

​As far as compensation, we pay the course leader 50% of the class/course registration fees (40% for teaching and 10% for supplies they need for the class), and we advertise the program to our community and take care of the registration process. Not every Maker program would be a good fit for our space, but we would love to look over program applications to see who is interested and what we could accommodate.

Program Format Ideas:
Homeschool Workshop – one Friday a month, typically from 10am-12pm or 12:30-2:30pm where a maker could teach homeschool students. We could actually do this multiple Fridays a month with different age groups (6-9, 10-14, 14+) depending on the maker activity.

Homeschool Course – once a week for 10-12 weeks where a maker could teach homeschool students.

Girl Scout Workshops – an occasional Sunday afternoon (1.5 hours but maybe two in one day for different troop levels) a maker could lead a STEM-related workshop. Girl Scouts now have a model car maker badge (like the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby Cars), but I think many troop leaders are intimidated by the project. Not sure we could do it here, but I bet we could. There are also Inventor, Pottery, Jeweler, Woodworker, Textile Artist and other badges that they could do as well. 

Day Camps and Summer Camps - when Fulton County is out of school, we offer camps led by multiple instructors. We have dates, but have not confirmed themes for some of the camps, so we could include some maker themes if an instructor is interested.

Afternoon Classes for Kids – typically we are at different schools for after-school programs, so the center is not used after 2:30pm.

Family Maker Night – one night a month (probably a Friday or Saturday), makers teach a 2-3 hour class.

Community Fix-It Clinics – one Saturday morning a month offer a clinic where makers/fixers teach kids (and/or adults) how to repair household items. Members of the community can also bring their items in for repair rather than throw them in the landfills. There are several that have popped up across the country, and we have wanted to offer them, but we have not moved forward to find someone to teach the repairs.


Interested? Please send an email to including your maker specialty, background, program formats and age range of children you would be interested in leading. All leaders must have reliable transportation and be able to pass a background check.

​​2500 Old Alabama Rd.
Suite 5 - Science Center    
Suite 21 - STEM Lab 
Roswell, GA 30076    
770 641-9336