A day of camp at discover science center


​​2500 Old Alabama Rd.
Suite 5 - Science Center    
Suite 21 - STEM Lab 
Roswell, GA 30076    
770 641-9336

So what is a day of Summer Camp like at Discover Science Center?

As our campers arrive, activities are out for them to explore independently or

in small groups while we wait for everyone to get here. Some kids will

investigate our saltwater tanks or feed the turtles, others will color or draw

and some will play LEGO or start a game of Tenzi. During some camps we set

up 1-minute challenges for the kids to work on their problem solving skills.

The first day of each camp week, we always start with introductions and a

name game where camp leaders and each kid gets to tell everyone a little bit

about themselves. We then go over rules and expectations for the week, and

decorate our lab notebooks. Lab notebooks are camp scrapbooks the kids

use to write notes and draw pictures about what we did that week. Without them realizing it, we try to get them to practice their handwriting skills, and for the young ones, it is a good way to work on their fine motor skills. On other days of the week we split into two age groups, and this time is spent doing our first science activity.

During our morning snack break, the kids have time for free play. We recognize play is critically important for children’s development, learning and socialization skills, plus summer camp is about having fun, so we spend time making sure the kids get time to play and get their energy out. They often work together to design and build forts, make tops out of LEGO and challenge each other to a spin off, pull out the Snap Circuits kits, or see who can build the highest tower of cups.

Once our snack break is over, the kids split into age groups, and get out their lab notebooks so we can start our second activity. It might be a science experiment or an art project based on what we did in the previous activity. Depending on the week's theme, we could be taking apart an old coffee maker to see what is inside, dissecting a sea star (again, to see what is inside), using the periodic table to investigate pirate treasure, working on a new coding project, making saltwater paints or lots of other science and art activities. We invite the kids to draw pictures or write notes in their notebooks so they can remember what we did when they show their parents at the end of the week.

Around noon we clean up and have lunch. Again, they have free time to play or continue to work on a project they started earlier. Some kids read books or magazines from our library. If kids happen to bring a device to play with, this is one of two times they can use them.

After lunch, we usually go outside if the weather permits. There is a grassy area across our parking lot, and we take a little walk, set up our boundaries and let the kids play tag, or sharks and minnows or what ever other game they come up with. Depending on our day, we try to keep them playing outside for 30-60 minutes. On rainy days we will extend the free time inside to let them get some extra energy out.

In the afternoon, we complete two additional science and/or creative activities with an afternoon snack break in between. About 15 minutes before parents start to arrive, we do a group clean up. The kids help put all projects away, sweep the floor, wipe the tables, and get organized for the next day. Once that is done, the kids can play games, use their devices, draw or color until their parents pick them up. On the last day of camp, the kids make sure they have all of their projects, artwork and lab notebooks to bring home and share with you.

Camp Schedule

(times are approximate)

8:00    Extended day camper early arrival

8:30    Camper arrival and free play

9:15    Science/Creative activity 1 

10:15  Morning snack and free play

10:45  Science/Creative activity 2

11:45  Morning clean up 

12:00  Lunch and free play

12:45  Clean up and outside play

1:45    Science/Creative activity 3

2:45    Afternoon snack and free play

3:15    Science/Creative activity 4

4:15    Clean up

4:30    Camper pick up

5:30    Extended day camper pick up